Flying Quilters

Spring 2015 Quilts are Displayed in SMLC Sanctuary

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Tied in Faith—Sent in Hope—Wrapped in Love

Mr. Issa Ali is a resident in a home for the elderly in Tanzania. The Mission Quilt that he received from Lutheran World Relief is draped across his bed.

Mr. Issa Ali from Tanzania with a quilt received from Lutheran World Relief.

The Flying Quilters ministry was established in the 1970′s to provide quilts for Lutheran World Relief which began shipping quilts to refugees at the end of World War II. Quilts are made from recycled sheets, curtains, yards goods – practically anything that can be sewn into 60″ by 80″ quilts – for delivery to those in need. This year, Lutheran World Relief is challenging Lutherans across the country to create 500,000 quilts to send around the world to people in need.Our quilts not only comfort those we have never met, but provide an object that is useful in ways you probably never imagined.




Quilt Sunday, October 16, 2013

Quilt Sunday, October 13, 2013

In addition to being a cozy, clean new bed cover, it can be:
– a baby carrier, tied around a mother’s back
– a market display, spread on the ground and piled with vegetables
– a sack for transporting those goods to market
– a sunshade
– a shawl, and most importantly
– a constant reminder that someone, far away, cares a lot. As evident from the photos of the quilts in the sanctuary on Quilt Sunday, we are not creating art or even craft quilts, the Flying Quilters create practical, warm coverings for those in need anywhere in the world. Last year St. Martin’s quilting stitched together over 200 quilts which we then delivered to Lutheran World Relief.


Flying Quilters working on a new quilt.


If you wish to be a part of this important outreach ministry please join our quilting group which meets on alternate Mondays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in Fellowship Room A. (Check the calendar for exact days.) No special sewing skills are necessary. Most Quilters also bring a bag lunch.You can also be a part of this ministry by donating your gently used sheets, blankets and yard goods or by making a donation to purchase quilt batting (quilt middles). For more information, email Judy Houston at