Light House Shelter

Lighthouse-2St. Martin’s strongly supports the Annapolis Area Ministries Light House Shelter program for the homeless and hungry. The Light House Shelter, located on West Street in Annapolis, provides beds at night for the homeless, financial assistance, a food pantry, and a health clinic for those in need in the area. The Light House Shelter needs a continuous commitment of volunteers and support from all members of the congregation.



Members of St. Martin’s provide and deliver to the shelter grocery bags of food and personal care items such as soap and shampoo on a continuous basis.





Members of St. Martin’s  also prepare and serve a meal at the shelter the first Monday of each month and help staff the Light House office on weekends in July for four-hour shifts. In January 2015 the Altar Guild prepared BBQ chicken, corn, salad, macaroni & cheese and rolls for 45 clients.